Welcome our new co-chair, Fred De Pourcq

June 30, 2017

The LGBTQ Affinity Group Co-Chairs serve terms of 2 years each. All of the time they put in is completely voluntary and their contributions are essential to everything that the group does. Our gratitude to the wonderful Amy Myers for her service these past two years, and welcome to our new co-chair, Fred De Pourcq.

Amy Myers

I love working at Yale. For sure, I love my job at the Child Study Center, and I also appreciate being asked and being given an opportunity to contribute above and beyond my professional duties. Yale supports eight diversity Affinity Groups to engage employees at all levels in conversations and ideas, networking, programming, community-building and advocacy. Participating with Affinity Groups, and serving as co-chair of the LGBTQ Affinity Group gave me a chance to be a part of the on-going task of achieving a welcoming and affirming workplace. Serving in a leadership role has also personally impacted me and has challenged me to re-assess how I might define “leader”. I have broadened my definition of leader to include someone like me, a woman of color who sometimes struggles to find her voice. I am grateful for the opportunity to advocate on my own behalf and on the behalf of others, and to have done so in the great company of many I may not have had the opportunity to work with otherwise. Namely Craig Canfield and Florian Carle, with whom I shared my term, and colleagues at the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. I have had a lot of fun and have learned so much about the University. If you have ever thought about becoming involved with an Affinity Group but hesitated, I strongly encourage it. I think you will find it to be an enriching experience.

Frederic De Pourcq

Frederic has worked in clinical research administration and compliance at the Yale School of Medicine for the past 20 years. Presently he is a senior research compliance auditor at Yale Medicine. His past positons at the medical school include Associate Director for Community Research and Engagement with the Yale Center for Clinical Investigation (YCCI), Director of the Yale Comprehensive Cancer Center’s Clinical Trials Office, and as a project director at the Yale AIDS Program. He holds a Master of Science in Nutrition from Bastyr University and a Bachelor of Arts (History) from the University of British Columbia.

Currently, Frederic serves on the board of Junta for Progressive Action, and he is a member of Yale Health’s Patient & Family Council. He has been a member of the Yale LGBTQ Steering Committee since 2014. He is also a past president of the Westville Renaissance Alliance. His personal interests include 19th century history, politics and social policy, wine and cooking. He is married to his husband and life partner of 27 years, Michael. Together they have a dog, Abbott.