Our Members


Danielle Chiaramonte's picture
Danielle Chiaramonte
Postdoctoral Research Fellow - Consultation Center's Division of Prevention and Community Research
Co-chair, Steering Committee
Daniel Davidson's picture
Daniel Davidson
Asst Director, Community Res & Implementation Core
Co-chair, Steering Committee
Alexander Dreier's picture
Alexander Dreier
Vice President and General Counsel
Executive Sponsor
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Cayetana Navarro
Program Manager - Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Co-chair, Steering Committee
Kathleen Ayers's picture
Kathleen Ayers Research Associate Genetics , MYSM School Of Medicine kathleen.ayers@yale.edu
Marinda Monfilston's picture
Marinda Monfilston Senior Diversity Coordinator , Human Resources marinda.brown@yale.edu
Craig Canfield's picture
Craig Canfield Assistant University Registrar , craig.canfield@yale.edu
Amy Myers's picture
Amy Myers Clinical Instructor of Social Work , Yale Health amy.myers@yale.edu
Florian Carle's picture
Florian Carle Institute Manager , Yale Quantum Insitute florian.carle@yale.edu
Heather Riggio's picture
Heather Riggio Residency & Fellowship Coordinator / Comm. Co Chair LGBTQ Affinity Group , heather.riggio@yale.edu
Daniel Cress's picture
Daniel Cress Director of Marketing , David Geffen School Of Drama daniel.cress@yale.edu
Jonathan Rohner's picture
Jonathan Rohner Director of Finance and Administration , Yale Peabody Museum jonathan.rohner@yale.edu
Daniel Duncan's picture
Daniel Duncan Library Services Assistant , daniel.duncan@yale.edu
JC Salevan's picture
JC Salevan Senior Institutional Research Data Analyst , Office of Institutional Research jc.salevan@yale.edu
Julia Fraivillig's picture
Julia Fraivillig Administrative Assistant , School of Management julia.fraivillig@yale.edu
Deborah Stanley-McAulay's picture
Deborah Stanley-McAulay Associate Vice President for Employee Engagement and Workplace Culture , Human Resources deborah.stanley-mcaulay@yale.edu
Jonathan Green's picture
Jonathan Green Dir, Finance & Operations , Agency Accounts jonathan.green@yale.edu
Maria Trumpler's picture
Maria Trumpler Senior Lecturer , maria.trumpler@yale.edu
Zoe Keller's picture
Zoe Keller Social Media Officer , Office of Public Affairs and Comms zoe.keller@yale.edu
Ben Walter's picture
Ben Walter Diversity Support Specialist Coordinator, Office of Diversity & Inclusion , benjamin.walter@yale.edu
Jeanne Lowrey's picture
Jeanne Lowrey Archivist, Office of the President , jeanne.lowrey@yale.edu
Erin Wynne's picture
Erin Wynne Academic Support Assistant , FAS Other FAS and Academic Departments erin.wynne@yale.edu
Tracy MacMath's picture
Tracy MacMath Senior Front-end Engineer , Library tracy.macmath@yale.edu
John Yi's picture
John Yi Senior Assistant Director, Undergraduate Admissions , FAS john.yi@yale.edu
Kevin Merriman's picture
Kevin Merriman Director of Collection Management, Tech/Access Services, Marx Science and Social Science Library , kevin.merriman@yale.edu

Emeritus members

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LaShawn Bushay
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Fred De Pourcq
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Kirk Donegan
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Andrew Dowe
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Joe Gordon
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Andrew Hickner
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Christopher Medeiros
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Ariana Parenti
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Susan West