Help us assess diversity and incusivity at Yale: take the Workplace Survey

March 2, 2017

The Yale LGBTQ Affinity group supports and encourages staff to complete the Workplace Survey. This important survey not only provides individual departments and organizations on campus with the opportunity to see what successes they have in the workplace and what can be done to make Yale better, but it is also a tool to assess diversity and inclusivity. Results of the Workplace Survey are used to address workplace issues and develop action plans for improvements across the university.

While we are pleased that the Workplace Survey allows for staff to self-select sexual orientation and gender identity [SOGI], we acknowledge that not all sexual orientations and gender identities are represented in the available options. We desire a truly inclusive workplace and Workplace Survey at Yale, yet there are limitations to the survey as a tool to assess the satisfaction of LGBTQ staff at Yale. Currently, SOGI data is collected with the following options: “Gay/Lesbian,” “Bisexual,” “Heterosexual,” and “Rather not say” for sexual orientation and “Female,” “Male,” and “Transgender” for gender identity. If you feel a connection to one of the options available, we hope you will select it so that we may better be able to respond to any concerns you may have about working at Yale as LGBTQ.

Individuals have asked questions about their responses being connected to them as a result of self-identifying SOGI. Please remember that this survey is completely anonymous. The information will help Mercer l Sirota understand how different groups view the issues in the survey. Your responses will be presented as part of group data only with 10 or more respondents. Any group with fewer than 10 respondents will not be reported, but will roll up to the larger unit or overall University results. For example: The demographic category Gender, has three choices, Male, Female and Transgender. If you are the only individual representing one of the three demographics, for example, you are the only female in your department, your department results will NOT include data broken out by female. If there are 10 or individuals that self-identify as male or transgender, a report will be available. However, your responses would be included in a breakdown between male, female, and transgender on a University-wide basis.

It should take about 10 minutes to complete. Once the survey is completed and the results are distributed, the LGBTQ Affinity group will create a committee to analyze results and make suggestions based on their findings. If you are interested in being a part of this process, please let us know by emailing If you have any other questions or concerns about the survey, we encourage you to reach out to us as well. For more information or to complete the survey, please click here. Help us reach 80% or higher participation rate.